Fear or Faith (Mark 2:1-12)

Every day, we face the choice of walking by faith or walking by fear. Aaron Hogue reminds us that to leave a legacy of faith, we must walk by faith.

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Courage and Martyrdom (Mark 6:14-29)

Some of the greatest heroes our world has ever known are unknown to us. From the world's perspective, these great heroes are failures. But not from God's perspective. Listen as Pastor David Prince shows us from the story of John the Baptist's death how we can courageous fail and still have great kingdom impact.

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The Person of Jesus and Obliterating Your Categories (Mark 2:1-28)


Sermon by Pastor Casey McCall

1. Jesus is a New Reference Point (v. 18-22)

2. New Category: Your Circumstances Are Not the Key to Your Happiness (v. 1-12)

3. New Category: Your Worth is Not Defined by Your Mistakes (v. 13-17)

4. New Category: Your Rest is Not Obtained […]

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Expect the Unexpected in Comfort (Mark 12:18-27)

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Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Expecting the Expected (v. 18-23)

2. Expecting the Unexpected (v. 24-27)

Sermon Excerpt 1: At War with Comfort

Sermon Excerpt 2: Sadduceian Theologians

Sermon Excerpt 3: Expecting the Expected

Sermon Excerpt 4: Knowing = Understanding

Sermon […]

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