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What’s Next in Peru?

Ashland’s next phase in Peru involves 4 components that we are calling Missional Leadership Training.

1. Theological Training

We plan on hosting 1-2 Bible Conferences annually to train pastors and missionaries from the city of Ica with goals of reaching more people in their churches, planting new churches in their cities, and […]

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“Wow! The Bible is R-Rated!” God’s Word and Sex Ed in the Home

“Dad, can you explain circumcision?” At this point, I realized that our family’s goal to read through the Bible together this year was going to be interesting. We read the Bible together often. However, I now realize that, without knowing it, I’ve been far too selective in our […]

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The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God seems to be a concept that is very abstract to most of us.  As we move through Numbers I‘ve tried to come up with a simple explanation of what it means to say that God is Holy.  Here is explanation I am using.

God is not […]

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