Spurgeon on Christians who Rail Against the Times

The current conspiracy theory, sky-is-falling, outrage culture can’t be reconciled with what the Bible says about living in the already of Christ’s Kingdom. Christians ought to be the last people to fall prey to doom and gloom hopeless theology, but sadly, it is thriving in contemporary evangelicalism. The problem is exacerbated by our minute-by-minute social media news cycle. The prophets of outrage, despair, and conspiracy often position themselves as courageous truth-tellers. But do not be fooled: the evangelical outrage industry is often more about building donor lists than it is about truth.

That’s how Pastor David begins a must read post where he shows how Charles Spurgeon answered those in his day who continually spoke as if the times in which they lived were the worst. Spurgeon challenges us not to be “woe, woe Christians” but rather “grace, grace Christians.”

You can read the whole post here.

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