Update on the Harshman’s

//Update on the Harshman’s

Update on the Harshman’s

Yesterday, we shared during the service that some high-level meetings were supposed to take place in the Congo today regarding the Harshman’s and other American families stuck in the Congo. We have just learned that those meetings have been postponed. Please continue to pray for a resolution and that our government would do everything possible to bring Katie and Emma and the other families home from the Congo.

For those of you who may not know what’s going on, Eric & Katie Harshman are members of our church who are in the final stages of adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Close to four ¬†months ago, Eric & Katie flew to the Congo to bring home their legally adopted daughter, Emma. Due to instability in the government and other factors, adoptions were put on hold. However, Eric & Katie were told that since Emma had already been legally adopted, their adoption would be allowed to go through. After almost four months in country, Katie is still unable to bring Emma home (Eric has come back to return to work). All that stands between Katie and Emma returning home is one signature on an exit letter so that Emma can leave the country.

Please continue to pray for the Harshman’s and stay tuned for any updates.

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