The New Year always brings a time of reflection and resolution. Many reflect on the year that has ended and resolve to make changes or do something new. This is good and right. It is good to reflect on the previous year and work toward change in the coming year. For it is a exercise in reminding ourselves of our sinfulness, of all the ways we fall short of God’s glory.

As you go through this exercise of reflection and resolution, the staff at Ashland would like to challenge you take on a community resolution. We want to resolve to read through the Bible in 2014 as a community. In many sermons, the Pastors have rightly critiqued the individualistic nature in which we often read our Bibles. They have reminded us that God is not just saving random individuals. He is saving a people. And one way we can fight this individualistic tendency in our lives is to commit to reading the Bible together. Each day, we will all read and meditate on the same text. We will pray with the same themes on our mind. And we will do it together.

In addition to the Bible reading plan, there will also be a weekly email sent out with a family devotional that will aid both families and individuals in meditating on that week’s themes. These devotional have been developed to run alongside the Bible reading plan. The devotional will also have a memory verse. Imagine all that God will do among us as we seek to hide His Word in our hearts in 2014.

Reading Plan

The reading plan we have chosen is called The Read The Bible for Life One-Year Chronological Reading Plan. It was developed by Dr. George Guthrie. You can download that plan here. We will also have copies of The Read the Bible for Life Chronological Bible available at the Book Nook.

Weekly Email Sign Up

The weekly email will contain a link to download a PDF of the devotion. To get a feel of what each devotion will look like, download week 1 here. The email will also have the memory verse for the week. To sign up to receive the weekly emails, click here.

 We would like to thank The Church at Brook Hills for developing these devotionals and making them available to us.