Ashland Missionaries

The International Mission Board (IMB) is the largest mission sending agency in the history of the world. We are privileged as part of the Southern Baptist Convention to support over 5,000 missionaries serving among the unreached.

Ashland is in the top 1% of churches in per capita giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering each year. Last year we gave over 35,000 to Lottie Moon.

On top of our giving to the IMB, Ashland supports missionaries in Africa, Brazil, Peru, Grand Isle Louisiana.

Church Planting

Central to the Great Commission is church planting among the nations. Not only do we support missionaries among the unreached who are involved in church planting, as church we have are also engaged in personally planting churches in Lexington and around the world.

Connexion International

We delight in the diversity of the cultures and languages of the world and desire that all people know the greatness of God and worship him. We recognize that God has given us a great blessing in that he has brought the nations to our own hometowns in Central Kentucky in the form of international students, visiting scholars, and refugees. We delight in getting to know and welcome these guests and new friends, being able to show them Christ’s heart of hospitality and share with them the good news of Jesus. If you would like to know more about this ministry, you can contact Todd Martin.

Cordova, Peru

Our present work in Peru is an effort to plant churches among the Quechua people of the Andes Mountains, where at this point there are no churches preaching the biblical gospel. The villages we are taking the gospel to have been dominated by ancient paganism mixed with a mystical form of Catholicism for hundreds of years. Our prayer is to start a church planting movement where baptized believers are continually teaching others the commands of King Jesus as revealed in Scripture throughout the Andes. The long-term vision for this work is not to plant one church in Cordova, but to start a church planting movement in Cordova that will spread throughout surrounding villages.

The churches established in the Andes will be simplistic in organization and rigorously biblical in practice. All churches established must practice the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper as defined by the BFM 2000. They must recognize the offices of pastor and deacon with a desire to fill these offices with men who meet the biblical qualifications. They must be committed the Great Commission, which will mean reproducing churches with their own resources throughout the Andes.

Cordova Culture
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