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Our giving at Ashland happens in a 3-prong strategy. First, we know we want to give in ways to excel in serving Christ here and now, which we call the general fund. Second, beyond just the needs of today, we also need to position ourselves toward the future to be able to take ministry opportunities for Christ. We call that vision giving. Third, we want to give generously so that all peoples everywhere can know the glory of Christ. We call that Ends of the Earth.

“The Great Commission Center is a launching site of the Gospel at Ashland. It is resource central for equipping the torchbearers for Christ with the hope and light of our Savior to the ends of the earth.”

– Roger Holland

“Hosting a table at the International Thanksgiving Dinner each year held at the Great Commission Center has allowed us to share the Gospel with people from all over the world! We’ve been able to build a close friendship and share Christ numerous times with a man from Oman.”

– Steve and Robin Whitaker

“As ‘foreigners’ studying and working in the USA, leaving our families back in China, the Great Commission Center has become our second home. Here we can listen to our Father’s Word and have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though we have different cultural backgrounds, we share the same faith and we are family.”

– Xianon Mei