Seekers and the Messiah (Matthew 2:1-12)

What do you think about when you think about celebrating Christmas? Is it family, presents, music? But if we look at what the Bible tells us Christmas is about, we find something much more expansive. Listen as Pastor David Prince helps us see that the birth of Jesus is meant to be associated with missions, evangelism and the end of ethnic/racial superiority.

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Witness: Church (Acts 2:42-47)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Cultivates Witness Identity (v. 42-43)

2. Displays Witness Community (v. 44-45)

3. Declares Witness Mission (v. 46-47)

Sermon Excerpt: Why Go to Church?

Sermon Excerpt: Not Like, But Is

Sermon Excerpt: The Marks of the Church

Sermon Excerpt: Not a Religious Retailer

Sermon Excerpt: Gospel […]

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The Owner — We Belong (Acts 17:22-31)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. The Truth About Religion (v. 21-25)

2. The Truth About Us (v. 25-29)

3. The Truth About Judgement (v. 30-31)

Sermon Excerpt: 3 Problems with Religion

Sermon Excerpt: Owning by Giving

Sermon Excerpt: Need Is Not A Creator Word

Sermon Excerpt: […]

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