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Witness: Church (Acts 2:42-47)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Cultivates Witness Identity (v. 42-43)

2. Displays Witness Community (v. 44-45)

3. Declares Witness Mission (v. 46-47)

Sermon Excerpt: Why Go to Church?

Sermon Excerpt: Not Like, But Is

Sermon Excerpt: The Marks of the Church

Sermon Excerpt: Not a Religious Retailer

Sermon Excerpt: Gospel […]

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The Owner — We Belong (Acts 17:22-31)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. The Truth About Religion (v. 21-25)

2. The Truth About Us (v. 25-29)

3. The Truth About Judgement (v. 30-31)

Sermon Excerpt: 3 Problems with Religion

Sermon Excerpt: Owning by Giving

Sermon Excerpt: Need Is Not A Creator Word

Sermon Excerpt: […]

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Why Multi-Ethnic Church? (Ephesians 2:11-22)

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Sermon by Pastor David Prince


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