Generosity & Faithfulness (Luke 16:1-14)

Pastor Casey McCall unpacks for us a seemingly difficult to understand parable that Jesus tells in Luke 16. Listen as he shows us how Jesus is calling us to think and live differently than the world in terms of how we use our money.

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Witness: Stuff (Matthew 6:19-24)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Two Treasures (v. 19-21)

2. Two Visions (v. 22-23)

3. Two Masters (v. 24)

Sermon Excerpt: Stuff Matters

Sermon Excerpt: A Risk-Free Life

Sermon Excerpt: How to Enjoy Stuff

Sermon Excerpt: The Lord’s Calf is Dead

Sermon Excerpt: Banned From Fantasy […]

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Looking to the Reward of Greater Wealth (Hebrews 11:24-28)


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Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Time (v. 24-25)

2. Treasure (v. 26)

3. Fear (v. 27-28)

Sermon Excerpt: Kingdom & Treasure

Sermon Excerpt: Liberated to be Courageous

Sermon Excerpt: Living For the Dot is Sin

Sermon Excerpt: Profane Your Money!

Sermon Excerpt: Everybody Fears Someone


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