June 14th AM Sermon (Revelation 21)

Nick Moore, IMB Missionary to Zimbabwe, shares from Revelation 21 on how this chapter points to the necessity of missions.

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Witness: Nations (Luke 24:35-39)

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The Mission — We Give (John 12:23-26)

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The Owner — We Belong (Acts 17:22-31)

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A Great Commission Ambition (Romans 15:14-21)


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Transforming Fear from Dread to Delight – Part 2 (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

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Expect the Unexpected in Mission (Luke 24:36-49)


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Why Missions? (Matthew 28:18-20)


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Cordova Conversation

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Why Jogging Shoes Make the Perfect Christmas Gift in the Kingdom of Christ (Isaiah 52:1-12)

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