The Creator and Competition (Selected Scriptures)

Is competition inherently sinful? Do humans compete because of the fall into sin? Or is competition a good gift of God? Listen as Pastor David Prince explores the nature of competition and invites us to compete to the glory of God.

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Know Be Do (Selected Scriptures)

Too many Christians are living life upside down. They think what they do is what matters most. Listen as Larry Thompson invites you to live right-side up, by seeking to first Know God. Know Be Do is the formula for living the Christian life, right-side up.

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Witness: Life and Death (Selected Scriptures)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Witness – Who You Are

2. Witness – Be Where Your Feet Are

3. Witness – Your Strategic Opportunity

Sermon Excerpt: Witness – Not Something You Do

Sermon Excerpt: Witness – Who You Are

Sermon Excerpt: The Tools of Satan

Sermon Excerpt: […]

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Why Preaching? (Selected Scriptures)

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Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. The Primacy of Preaching (Luke 4)

2. The Uniqueness of Preaching (Romans 10)

3. The Power of Preaching (1 Thessalonians 2:13)


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January 20th Schedule Update

Due to weather, all evening activities are canceled. Stay warm! Stay safe!