Power and Purpose – No Matter What (Acts 1:1-11)

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Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. A Message

2. A Promise

3. A Mission

4. A Hope The Power of a Living Savior

Our Lives and Good News

The Goodness of Good News

The Father’s Promise of Power

The Resurrection and Our Circumstances

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Courage and the Church (Acts 20:16-21:17)

What is the Church and how should the Church function? Listen as Pastor David explores Paul's address to the Ephesian elders and church and how Gospel Courage is the foundation of the Church's mission.

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Courage & Mercy (Acts 7)

The Law and the Temple always pointed beyond themselves. Listen as Pastor David Prince shows to what they pointed and how it takes courage to show mercy.

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Courage and the Mission (Acts 4:1-31)

How should Christians respond to the cultural intimidation we see becoming more prevalent? Should we cower in fear? Listen as Dr. David Prince shows us a better way that does not sever the Christian Life from the Christian Mission.

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Witness: Church (Acts 2:42-47)


Sermon by Pastor David Prince

1. Cultivates Witness Identity (v. 42-43)

2. Displays Witness Community (v. 44-45)

3. Declares Witness Mission (v. 46-47)

Sermon Excerpt: Why Go to Church?

Sermon Excerpt: Not Like, But Is

Sermon Excerpt: The Marks of the Church

Sermon Excerpt: Not a Religious Retailer

Sermon Excerpt: Gospel […]

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