The Lamb (John 1:29-34)

Without the landmarks to guide us on our way, we will get lost. In the Bible, John 1 serves as a critical landmark so that we don't get lost. Listen as Pastor David Prince lays out the features of this landmark and why beholding the Lamb of God is something we must fight for on a daily basis.

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The Power (John 1:19-28)

John the Baptist is important figure in the story of the incarnation of Christ. He was adamant that he was not the light, but rather a witness to the Light. Listen as Pastor David Prince helps us see how John's witness should shape our own.

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The Word (John 1:1-11)

What is Christmas all about? Is it just a generic cultural holiday? Or is it something more? Something cosmic and earth-shaking? Listen as Pastor David Prince helps us see the cosmic picture of Christmas that John paints as he begins his Gospel.

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Jesus Drinks the Cup for You (John 18:1-14)

Todd Martin reminds us that Jesus remained completely in control as he marched toward the cross—even as he was betrayed by one of those closest to him.

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