Contend For Your Faith (Jude 17-23)

In a fallen world there are challenges to the church from the inside and outside. Jude calls us to confidently contend against those that reject the gospel, not surprised by the challenges, rather being broken over those that reject their only hope.

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Contend Against False Teachers (Jude 5-16)

Jude calls his hearers and us to contend against false teachers. In this passage, we are reminded that those who stand against the plans and purposes of the one true and living God are on a dangerous, cursed path that leads to judgment.

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Called, Beloved, Kept…Contend! (Jude 1-4)

As followers of Jesus Christ, believers must understand their faith should cost them something and be willing to pay that price. The faith once and for all delivered to the saints is valuable enough to contend for, and that is Jude's call in his letter. We are to contend for the glorious Gospel.

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A Kingdom: Not a Fairy Tale (Nehemiah 13)

The life of faith is not a constant positive trajectory, there are highs, lows, and plateaus. In this sermon from Nehemiah 13, we learn how we can remain faithfully obedience through it all.

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Celebrate (Nehemiah 11-12)

As God's chosen people we are set free to celebrate defiantly the goodness that God has lavished upon us. In order to so, we must be a people who are faithful in thankfulness.

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Enjoy God (Nehemiah 9-10)

When we understand that the biblical story is our story we see that God, in his goodness, relentlessly pursues us. This true revealed in these passage helps us to enjoy God truly.

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Press On (Nehemiah 6-7)

We can often face opposition to following God's will and walking in obedience. In this text, Nehemiah shows us that God's faithfulness helps us press on through opposition.

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