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Ashland seeks to partner with families as a supplement to the discipleship that takes place at home. We also realize that our church family is the only “Christian” family many kids and young adults (grades 6-12) in our community will experience.

Journey Children’s Ministry

Journey is the children’s ministry of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church. The Bible tells the most exciting story every told. It’s the story of how Jesus includes us in His Kingdom that will one day take over the whole world. It includes fascinating adventures of men and women who believed in God’s promise of Jesus.

Our desire is to capture both the excitement of the Bible and the energy of children in hopes that they will one day set out on their own adventure to tell the world about Jesus.

AWANA meets on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. January – May and August – November. AWANA is an exciting Scripture Memory Ministry at AABC for ages of 2 through 6th grade.

Puggles (2 year olds)

Children learn the basic biblical concepts ”We are a unique creation of God and God loves us very much.” This is learned by using teaching cards, activities, music and more.

Cubbies (3 years of age -Pre-K)

Children begin to build a solid Biblical 
understanding through Scripture memorization, 
by Bible teaching, puppets, crafts, and games. 
Each child will have the opportunity to 
memorize 55 verses. (The child must turn age 3 by Oct. 1)

Sparks (Grades K-2)

Children in grades K-2 learn the basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible through Scripture memorization and Bible teaching. Each child can earn awards by memorizing 68 verses. Each meeting concludes with a fun game time.

Truth and Training (Grades 3-6)

Kids in grades 3-6 learn the truth of God’s Word and train to follow Christ in their daily lives through Scripture memorization, Bible study, and a missions emphasis. Each child can earn awards by memorizing approximately 310 verses. Each meeting includes a time for team-oriented games.

For families who desire to send their children, Journey provides Children’s Worship during our 10:00 a.m. worship time.

Toddlers and 2 Year Olds

This age group uses a curriculum from Children Desiring God called A Sure Foundation. The children experience a short lesson each Sunday, part of a 13 week sequence that teaches a basic overview of the Bible story at the youngest level.

Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 Year Olds)

This age group explores The Gospel Project, a fuller overview of the Bible that repeats every 3 years.

Grades K-2

This age group begins their time of worship in the adult service. The children who participate in the optional elementary worship transition for their own worship service.  (Look for the children’s dismissal slide to be shown on the screens, just before the sermon.)

Ashland partners with families in building a biblical foundation for life and endeavors to point children of all ages to Christ with the Word of God.

Our Journey Training includes Bible Fellowship Groups that meet every Sunday morning after worship. Children who participate in Children’s Worship are able to simply continue through to the BFG time while their parents can experience a Bible Fellowship Group of their own.  Journey’s Bible Fellowship Groups are led by adults who love Jesus and are committed to creatively teaching our children about how to live for the Kingdom of Christ in Lexington and around the world.

Meeting every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in the Journey Children’s Wing of our Great Commission Center.

Toddlers (18-26 months)

Our Toddlers continue in the story they were taught during the 10am hour, part of a basic 13 week Bible story overview, with a story and matching lesson using The Jesus Storybook Bible.

2 Year Olds-Grade 5

Preschoolers and elementary age children explore the Bible story through a more complete, 3-year overview called The Gospel Project.  Each Sunday, all kids of these ages will explore the same part of the Bible and Bible truths taught (making it easier for parents to talk to siblings about what they learned), but at deeper levels as they grow in age and maturity.

Veritas Student Ministry

Veritas Student Ministry exists to champion the supremacy of Christ by raising up a generation of gospel-committed students through the cooperative efforts of families and the local church.


  • To promote a radical commitment to Christ and the gospel
  • To endorse a bold obligation to evangelism and missions
  • To produce responsible servants of the church
  • To equip and assist parents in the task of training their children to treasure Christ above all else

Veritas Student Ministry is led by Thomas Walters. Check out our Twitter and Facebook page for updates.

  • Reality Check Weekend
    Reality Check Weekend is our biggest event of the year. Each year many students come together at Ashland and in homes hosted by Veritas parents for an intense weekend of discipleship, worship, service, and fun!
  • Renown Conference
    Renown is a conference designed to help middle and high school students understand their purpose as Christians in serving as useful elements in service to God. Join us as prominent speakers guide students toward the Scriptures in order to equip them for heralding the Gospel to men and women in their context.
  • Veritas Field Day
    With spring in the air, join us as we divide into teams and compete in a variety of sports and games to bring home the gold.
  • Veritas Summer Tour
    Each summer different Veritas families host our students on Wednesday nights at 6:30PM. Let us know if you would like to host!
  • New Orleans Mission Trip
    As Ashland begins making plans to plant a church in the city of New Orleans, Veritas has the opportunity to play a pivotal role each summer. The dates of the trip will be released as soon possible each year, but place make plans to join us this summer in the “Crescent City.”
  • Crossings Camp @ Cedarmore
    This summer we will be heading one hour west to the rolling hills and woodlands of Cedarmore. At this five-day camp we’ll not only enjoy fun and recreation on the 600-acre campus, but we’ll enjoy solid teaching through Scripture as we see how God designed us for joyful worship of our loving Creator.
  • International Thanksgiving Dinner
    Each year Ashland is privileged to host hundreds of people from all over the world for a Thanksgiving meal. Most of our guest are not followers of Christ, and this event provides Veritas students a wonderful missions opportunity right here in Lexington. Will you commit to serve?

Medical Release Form

Click here to download a PDF of the medical release form which can be filled out online prior to printing.

How Parents Can Get Involved:

  • Volunteer for 1:27
  • Prepare food
  • Join us on Wednesday nights
  • Accompany us on the NOLA mission trip
  • Host home for Reality Check Weekend
  • Chaperon trip or event
  • Transportation
  • Small Group Leader
  • Help lead summer mission trip
  • Share testimony
  • Photography
  • Pray

Resources for Parents

Bible Fellowship Groups

Every Sunday morning at 11:30 am, we meet in age and gender specific small groups in the Loft for Bible study and accountability.

Veritas Wednesday Nights

Join us on Wednesday nights in the Loft as we hang out and worship Christ through singing and hearing God’s Word.

Project 1:27

James 1:27 says, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained form the world.” 1:27 meets one Saturday morning per month to provide loving encouragement to the elderly and widows of our church. Sometimes we just stop by for a visit. Other times we serve through yard work, house cleaning, or washing cars.

Our commitments within the student ministry of Ashland differ from what has ‘traditionally’ been seen in youth ministry. We believe that these commitments make us not only unique, but also biblical when it comes to ministering to teenagers in our present context. These commitments can be summed up in the following ways:

  • We are committed to producing a high view of the local church among teenagers. Churches often encourage teenagers to distant themselves from the rest of the body with ‘youth only’ ministries. Through ‘youth only’ worship services and activities, the youth ministry often takes on an identity of its own. ‘Big church’ seems to be less relevant to the student than youth group. Over time the gap between the youth ministry and the church body widens. The life of the church body as a whole becomes foreign to the students. Our student ministry seeks to involve teenagers in every area of worship and service in the life of the church.
  • We are committed to producing a high view of the family among teenagers and their parents. Churches often encourage a low view of the family through programming that always separate the students from their parents in the life of the body. Unintentionally, a message can be sent to parents that more trendy ministries designed specifically for the needs of teenagers are the most effective means at nurturing their children. Such a message has the potential to cause parents to shirk from their God-given task of parenting. Such isolation can also cause the teenager to view the Christianity of their parents as irrelevant. After all, the youth group activities are so much cooler! Thus a ministry that should help parents actually begins to erode their authority in the minds of their teens. Seeking to be a partner and a resource for parents in the task of parenting, our student ministry involves families in every area of our ministry.
  • We are committed to producing a high view of teenagers in our church body. Youthfulness seems to be championed everywhere in our culture except in the church. Our expectations for teenagers are often minimal. The average church member looks at students as people who are at that stage between childhood and adulthood and really have little to offer. They need a little more time to develop before they can actually contribute to the church’s ministry. After all, this is a time in their life when they are supposed to be carefree and irresponsible. Our student ministry seeks to utilize the gifts and great potential God has placed within students for the good of the church and the advance of the gospel around the world.

VBS 2019 Camp Wild Adventure

July 15-19

Online registration has closed. You can register in person next week!