Our work in Peru began as an effort to plant a church among the people of the Andes Mountains, in the village of Cordova.

This was an effort that involved church-wide prayer, numerous mission trips including medical teams, summer teams, and longer term missionaries. Through those efforts which spanned several years, the entire village was able to encounter Peruvian and North American believers sharing the good news, and there is now a pocket of believers there in the village.

The most strategic city for that entire area is Ica, a city of about 220,000. Our work has transitioned now to that city. The greatest hope for the future of Cordova and for the many other unreached villages of the Andes in that region is the existence of healthy, thriving, mission-minded churches there.

This is a collaborative effort with the Ashland Church as well as with a sister church in Lubbock, Texas.