Why Foolishness is Better than Self-Esteem

The story of Zacchaeus is often relegated to the children’s wing. But as Pastor David reminds us in a new post, it is a story with great Gospel power that instructs us in how to live freely under the fear of God rather than the fear of man. He writes: If you could […]
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Equipped Wednesday Sign Ups

Sign up for classes for the next Semester of Equipped Wednesday classes that begin April 8th. To sign up online, click here.
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Easter Social Media Graphics

To help us spread the word about our two services for Easter Sunday, we have created several graphics you can use in your social media. Whether you change your heeader photo or simply share one these graphics, you will help us get the word out. An easy way to invite […]
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Spurgeon on Christians who Rail Against the Times

The current conspiracy theory, sky-is-falling, outrage culture can’t be reconciled with what the Bible says about living in the already of Christ’s Kingdom. Christians ought to be the last people to fall prey to doom and gloom hopeless theology, but sadly, it is thriving in contemporary evangelicalism. The problem is […]
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    A Simple Guide to Reading and Applying the Bible with Jesus as the Hero

A Simple Guide to Reading and Applying the Bible with Jesus as the Hero

Since the whole story of the Bible is about Jesus, it’s important for us to read all of Scripture with this in mind. But sometimes, we have trouble figuring out how to do that. To help us toward that end, Pastor David has written a very helpful and simple post about […]
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Mine!: Battling Idolatry One Toy at a Time

“Mine!” is a declaration with which most parents are all too familiar. Parents often respond to fighting over toys and possessions by becoming referees and sorting out what happened in order to decide the fair way to proceed. The parent becomes an investigator to find out the facts of the […]
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“Witness” Social Media Photos

We have created images for social media to help promote our new sermon series, Witness. Click each image and then save them for use as your Facebook/Twitter profile picture and cover/header photo to help get the word out. We will also be sharing quotes and photos through our social media accounts […]
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Read the Bible Together Testimony

We asked people to share how the Bible reading plan we did as a church in 2014 impacted them. Check out their responses in the video below. If you’d like to use the same plan we used last year, download it by clicking here (PDF).
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Don’t Just Read the Bible for Yourself

Jonathan Parnell has an excellent post at DesiringGod on the point of Bible reading. Towards the middle of the post he writes: This walking piece keeps us from confining our Bible interpretation to our heads. We are left here to live here, and the Bible has everything to do […]
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Bible Reading Plan & Family Worship Guide – Week 52

We will begin Week 52 of the Bible Reading Plan on Monday (Need a plan? Click the link below to download). This week’s Bottom Line: The God who created all things will soon restore all things, through Christ, for the sake of His glory. Did you know that you can listen to daily […]
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