Jesus the Hero Family Devotional: Week 1 Day 1


Genesis 1

Key Text  

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1                                                                                                    

The King Creates His Kingdom  

In the beginning, God created. He spoke and the cosmos sprang into existence. The word created is a particular Hebrew word which is only used in reference to God.  We, as God’s image bearers, can (and should) create things from objects found within his created order, but we cannot create out of nothing.  Only God creates this way—he speaks and it happens. The instantaneous and almighty power of the word of God described in Genesis 1:1 provides an introductory framework for understanding the biblical narrative, as we must acknowledge the Creator’s authority over the entirety of his creation. The Hebrew word used here for God is Elohim, meaning “The Almighty.” This name of God highlights his inherent dissimilarity compared to his creation. Unlike us, God has no beginning; he is eternal. Unlike us, he is sovereign over all; he is King. We, as his created image bearers, have a responsibility to worship and obey our Creator-King. A king’s authority is confirmed by the obedience of his people to his word, while his righteousness is maintained through retribution against those who disobey. Regardless of personal opinion, God is the King of the universe. Every part of the created order is accountable to him, including us. Ultimately, we will be held eternally responsible for how we respond to the command of his Word.

David Prince, “The King of the Cosmos,” Preached 3/15/2015, Prince on Preaching Website, Accessed 4 December 2015, Available from

Connection with Newer Testament  

John 1 

For the Kids

Share with your children how much you enjoy the things they make. Then, ask if they are able to make you something with no crayons, paper, or supplies of any kind at all. Explain that only God can make something out of nothing at all; he’s our maker.

Prayer Prompts  

  1. In what ways do you struggle to obey the Word of the Creator-King? Ask the Spirit to reveal and vanquish sin which has taken root in your soul.
  2. Thank the Lord that he has provided a perfect Savior to atone for your rebellion against God.  If you’re a child of God, then Jesus has absorbed punishment for your rebellion on the cross.

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