Jonathan Parnell has an excellent post at DesiringGod on the point of Bible reading. Towards the middle of the post he writes:

This walking piece keeps us from confining our Bible interpretation to our heads. We are left here to live here, and the Bible has everything to do with that. All the Bible knowledge in the world isn’t worth a thing if it doesn’t translate into actually witnessing to what the Bible’s all about. To be sure, the Bible is not a playbook for life. We won’t advance any yardage if we confuse reading to walk as an abbreviated form of “application.” We don’t wear the Scriptures on a wristband, anxiously checking it before every next move. What do I do now? And now? And now?

Living, or walking for the glory of God, in a way worthy of God, is the goal — but the crucial piece that connects the reading to the walking is believing. That is what Paul means when he says that we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). We learn the path of what is in Christ by seeing Christ and treasuring him.

This is so helpful. The Bible is not just about giving me information about God. It is a word from God meant to shape the very contours of my life. How I interact with my children, my spouse and my neighbors are all affected by my Bible reading. Or at least those interactions should be. As you plan out your Bible reading for 2015, let’s strive to remember that our Bible reading is just for us.

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