What’s Next in Peru?

Ashland’s next phase in Peru involves 4 components that we are calling Missional Leadership Training.

1. Theological Training

We plan on hosting 1-2 Bible Conferences annually to train pastors and missionaries from the city of Ica with goals of reaching more people in their churches, planting new churches in their cities, and sending more missionaries to the Andes Mountains. Our plan is to use resources through Reaching and Teaching to help accomplish this task.

2. Church Ministry Training

Ashland church staff and other ministry leaders will also take trips to serve alongside lay leaders in local churches in ICA. Our goal is to help think through practical aspects of local church ministry. These trips will involve outreach events, evangelism and discipleship, and Vacation Bible Schools.

3. Life on Life Training

Folks from Ashland will spend time (normally a week long mission trip) building intentional relationships with believers in Ica. The focus of these relationships will be to help the believers in Ica think through life in their city, in their church, in the world.

4. Mission Training

As we continue to send short-term teams to Cordova, we will take along pastors and missionaries from the local churches who participate in training. This allows the churches to see what it’s like to take short-term missions trips. Our prayer is that this activity will give these leaders and their churches a heart not only for Cordova but others villages in the Andes. Our medical mission team as well as our college ministry will lead this aspect of training.

How can you be involved?

Continue to pray for our work in Peru. Pray for the believers in Cordova. Pray for the training of leaders in Ica. Pray that the churches in Ica become burdened for the church in Cordova and others throughout the Andes Mountains.
As you can see, there short-term trip possibilities for everyone at Ashland. If you are interested in going on a short-term trip that involves any of the above training components please contact Pastor Jeremy.
You can continue to give to our efforts in Peru through Ends of the Earth. Also, visit the Book Nook to find resources you can personally purchase for pastors, missionaries, and believers in Peru.
Peru Plan Graphic
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