Eric Turner, our missionary to Cordova, Peru, has returned home after two years. He preached powerfully on Sunday at our Lexington campus (and he will preach this Sunday in Madison County). And now he has written a great post on where we stand in Cordova. He writes:

From Paul’s mission work we see a simple progression, from evangelism, to discipleship, to church planting, and finally, pastoral training. Paul could conclude in Romans 15:19 that his work was fulfilled from Jerusalem to Illyricum because there were faithful pastors who could train more pastors to go plant more churches, make more disciples, and evangelize the lost in those areas.

This is the reason why we cannot say we’ve fulfilled our ministry in Cordova, Peru, but also why we can say that we are close. For eight years we have faithfully labored to see the Gospel proclaimed in Cordova. Thanks to the prior teams before me and the over ten volunteer teams that helped me do it for the past two years I can safely say that everyone in Cordova has heard the Gospel, most multiple times. We have faithfully evangelized the lost and have seen fruit!

There are several believers in Cordova. Men and women, young and old, who have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I spend the majority of my two years investing in them through life-on-life discipleship. Living, working, eating, playing, traveling with them and teaching them how to live the Christian life. Disciples have been and are being made!

The great desire of our hearts is at last in Cordova. There is a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving church. It is a very small church, not what I expected when I began, but there are a handful of believers meeting each week to worship Jesus Christ. It truly is a miracle to see a church gather in such a hard place. We should celebrate the answer to our prayers, but we should not consider our work fulfilled.

Our work is not done. Eric explains what the next stage of our ministry will look like. Read his post here.