Music We Should Hear – Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is one of my favorite musicians. However, he’s a fairly new addition to this list. Before I came to Ashland, I have never heard of him. But during our World Impact Conference in 2010, we brought Andrew Peterson to Ashland for a concert and I was blown away. After the concert, I bought almost every album he had available.

Peterson’s lyrics are full of depth and constantly point us toward Jesus. His latest album is probably my favorite. Light for the Lost Boy is often sorrowful, but there is a deep joy that undergirds it all. There is hope amidst the darkness. There is light available for the lost boys. Track nine is especially meaningful for me. It made me cry. This album is definitely music we should hear. So enjoy Light for the Lost Boy, and maybe keep some kleenex nearby.

 Light for the Lost Boy — Andrew Peterson

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