Safeguarding Your Child’s Smartphone or Tablet

//Safeguarding Your Child’s Smartphone or Tablet

Safeguarding Your Child’s Smartphone or Tablet

If a new smartphone or tablet showed up under your Christmas tree a few weeks ago, chances are your kids know more about them than you do. And that’s a dangerous thing. That’s why I am really grateful for this post that the Village Church has on their blog. It gives you some helpful tips on enabling parental controls, as well as apps that you should be aware of. You can read that post by clicking here.

On top of the recommendations laid out in the post, I would also recommend you check out our post on safeguarding your home internet connection.

I would also recommend that you talk to your kids about using social media. While Facebook and Instagram ban pornography on their network, it can still be found there (plus, their definition of pornography is a lot looser than ours would be). Other social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr do not ban explicit content and they make you opt-in to hide explicit content (note that this hiding feature only works for content that the creator has marked as explicit). Don’t be naive parents! Be proactive. Don’t make it easy for the snake to slither into your home. The path to wisdom is one that stands against wickedness. Let us not be fools in our parenting.

How do you safeguard your child’s use of smartphones, tablets and other internet-connected devices? Share in the comments below.

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